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  • March 2013: Black Book Online launches its free API. Website and app developers with basic programming skills can now add our free public record links to their sites!
  • June 2012: Black Book Online launches its own YouTube channel with short, informative videos on key public record concepts. Subjects include How to Trace a Phone Number, Identity Verification and Arrest Warrant Searches. There are 8 initial videos with more to come.


  • March 2012: Black Book Online launches its first site redesign in over four years. The new design is not a radical change, but rather an updated look in line with current web design standards. The site has moved up strong in Google search rankings and now serves over 1.3 million free searches per month. On March 4, we added our 10,000th free public record search -- a citation lookup at the Mitchell County, Texas Justice Court. We also launched our first web badge program that lets users show their affinity by placing a handsome Black Book Online web badge on their own website. Different versions of the badges are made available ranging from "Attorney/Law Firm" to "Skiptracer." Another is called "Citizen Investigator" -- in recognition of the many members of the general public who also use the site.


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  • JULY 2010: Black Book Online launches its Search Spy page and feature. We're now the first free public record site that lets users see what searches other users are running -- in realtime! Privacy implications have been taken into consideration and personal information has been removed about both searchers and search subjects.
  • FEBRUARY 2010: Black Book Online starts its Facebook page to share information and connect with fans! We share interesting new searches added to the site but not all!


Black Book Online on Facebook


  • OCTOBER 2007: Black Book Online adopts a "Google-style" look and feel. The site is now 100% database-driven and features the single largest free collection of public record searches on the Internet. The site also integrates a city-county converter, SSN validator and Phone Validator into its search box. Also added is a unique custom search feature. Black Book Online now serves over one million free public record lookups a month.




  • JUNE 2006: Black Book Online migrates from it's old web address (www.CrimeTime.com/online.htm) to its own dedicated domain at www.BlackBookOnline.info. The site also has a design makeover that features a dark, serious look with black and orange color-scheme. The site content doubles in size in little over four years due to the continuing trend of public records going online.



  • JANUARY 2002: "The Investigator's Little Black Book 3" is published. The book is again widely recognized as the number one best-seller for professional investigators and climbs the charts at amazon.com and major booksellers. Black Book Online continues to grow exponentially and now features over a thousand free links as more and more government agencies adopt a strategy of "go online" instead of "come and wait in line." All but six states now have their corporations lookup online.



  • JANUARY 1998: "The Investigator's Little Black Book 2" is published and is widely recognized as the number one best-selling book for professional investigators. Black Book Online is a single page of public record searches featuring less than 100 links and a total of five sex offender registries! To see what the site looked like back in 1998, courtesy of the Internet archive, click here.



  • FEBRUARY 1997: CrimeTime.com is established as a dedicated domain and features as a sub-page a small group of links to public records using the name "Black Book Online."


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  • JANUARY 1996: "The Investigators Little Black Book" is first published and becomes an immediate hit in the private investigation community. The book is a thin but reliable directory of information sources most used by private investigators and others to conduct investigations. Concurrently, a small list of free public record searches is posted at a shared-domain website promoting the book.
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